Thursday, January 17, 2013

Why American gun laws are failing the American people.

1. The second amendment is the root of all evil when it comes to gun control in America and anyone that tells you the second amendment unwaveringly protects the rights of all Americans to keep and bear arms is stretching the truth. There is one qualifier in the second amendment that is often overlooked by gun nuts and the NRA, and that qualifier is "well-regulated." Even 200 years ago, when the amendment was adopted into the constitution, someone had the sense to know that guns must be controlled.

I won't delve into statistics, a simple Google search will help prove my point, but in countries like Canada, Britain, Japan, and Australia, where there are stricter gun laws, (ie. where guns are "well-regulated") there are drastically fewer gun-related deaths.

In the 2008-2009 period, there were 39 gun-related deaths in Britain and 11 in Japan. There were 12,000 in the United States.

As a nation, people should speak up for that qualifier that is saving lives in other countries. Those two words are the difference between simple gun registration and control, and an unregulated militia run amok.

2. Here's another constitutional issue. Yes, maybe the second amendment is confusing. Maybe the wording: "the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed," overpowers the "well-regulated" part. But when something is confusing, it should be clarified.

Amending the constitution is not unheard of. Yes, it will have rednecks everywhere outraged and ready to riot. But these are the same rednecks whose ancestors wrote in the constitution:

Representatives and direct taxes . . . shall be determined by adding to the whole number of Free Persons . . . excluding Indians not taxed, and three fifths of all other Persons.

And if you can't figure out what that means, I'll spell it out for you: It means that black people, slaves, were only counted as three-fifths of a person.

Guess what? That part of the constitution is long gone. It was changed because people got smarter and evolved and made the adjustments necessary for a civilized nation.

3. The NRA thinks more guns is the answer, suggesting that armed guards on school grounds could prevent tragedies like the Sandy Hook shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. Well, both Columbine High School and Virginia Tech had armed guards stationed on their campuses at the time of their tragic shootings. Even Fort Hood, an entire army base full of armed personnel, couldn't prevent the tragic shooting that occurred there only recently.

4. I could go on forever but I'll make this my last point. The movie Bully was forcibly rated R in the United States because it was effectively declared "too much" for viewers under the age of 18. KinderSurprise chocolate eggs are banned due to dangers posed to children.

The gun used to kill 20 children last month was a Bushmaster XM-15 rifle. It is one of the guns that was used in the war in Iraq and is still being used in the war in Afghanistan. It has a rate of fire of 700-950 rounds PER MINUTE in its fully automatic version. This is not a weapon intended for hunting or protection. This is a weapon intended for war, intended to kill mass amounts of people, and to kill them quickly. This weapon was legally owned by Adam Lanza's mother. This is a weapon legally owned by many in the United States.

But KinderSurprises are too dangerous for your children?